MagPul Industries is a leader in the tactical industry, and their Field Case is a low-profile, durable phone case that looks right at home among your EDC gear.

Inspired by MagPul’s classic PMAG design, the Field Case is very minimal and straight-up utilitarian, with no bells or whistles. It’s one of the few phone cases out that really helps preserve the phone’s thin profile while still keeping it safe. It’s also very easy to put on – the phone simply snaps right into it.

Like all their gear, Magpul designed this thing to be tough and handle any situation, and it shows.  The Field Case made from a thick, rigid rubber and thermoplastic shell construction, with a textured outer surface and PMAG-style ribs that provide unfailing grip and durability, even when wet. The raised lip on the front edge keeps the screen safe when placed face down.

There are ports for charging cable, headphone jack (except for the Iphone 7 model), silent switch, and buttons for the ringer/volume. After using it every day for the last 4 years, we can attest that the buttons work smoothly, and the headphone port is the perfect size for AUX cables – unlike many other cases.

Currently, the Field Case is available for Iphone5’s, 6’s, 7’s (both regular and Plus sizes) and Samsung Galaxy S7’s. If you’re looking for a strong, tactical-inspired outdoor phone case that will keep your phone safe without too much bulk, MagPul has you covered.

Features of Magpul Field Case

  • Super sturdy, thermoplastic construction
  • Two-layer, snap on shell design
  • Ribbed, textured surface for strong grip
  • Charging Cable and Headphone ports
  • Volume and Ringer buttons
  • Available for Iphone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7



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