It’s not Lego tape; it’s not Skoal; it’s not an annoying bungie cord or that cumbersome Duct tape…it’s Adventure Tape! And you should never leave (or stay) home without it. We can all think of a situation where we had something break and you needed it “fixed” immediately to continue on. Well, Adventure Tape is the solution to just about any fix.

This super strong, stretchy, non-adhesive, highly abrasion resistant and waterproof tape has unique properties which make it the perfect rescue solution in almost any emergency. It will be hard to name a case when Adventure Tape wouldn’t help…well maybe there are a few which we won’t name. You get that we are saying this is pretty awesome stuff. Here are some ways this tape can get you out of a bind:

  • Compress anything soft and bulky, like a sleeping bag;
  • Repair a tent pole;
  • Fix a leaking hose or pipe;
  • Create a temporary emergency snowboard binding;
  • Assemble an emergency sling for a broken arm;
  • Fix the carrying strap on a backpack, duffle bag, camera bag, etc.;
  • Tie plant supports in a garden;
  • Bind a piece of luggage if the zipper breaks (no more bungie cords!);
  • Fix your hiking gear until you can get to your home base;
  • Secure the auto trunk lid when it won’t close all the way;
  • Repair a tennis shoe when it wants to become a flip flop due to loose glue;
  • Temporarily repair broken eye glasses;
  • Secure those socks that just won’t stay up;
  • And on and on.

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Adventure Tape was developed when the downhill mountain biker Richard Brooks, who is also the Technical Director at Watts Urethane Products, needed to protect his chainstay on his Enduro bike. The products on the market just weren’t doing the trick. The rest is history and now the tape is ready to go to market.

You may be thinking you don’t want any sticky tape on the gear you are repairing. Not to worry. The tape never leaves a sticky residue and is completely washable and reusable. All you need to do to maintain the integrity is give it a little wash in water.

Adventure Tape Qualities

Super Strong and Stretchy: It won’t break when stretched to eight times its length. So a little will go a long way.

Highly Abrasion Resistant: Far exceeds the resistance of Duct Tape

Adventure Tape Non-Abrasive

Reusable: Just wash it and place it back in the tin after use. It will maintain its stickiness.

Adventure Tape Waterproof

Waterproof: Actually, the more it is washed, the more the grip increases. It is fully waterproof.

Adventure Tape Waterproof


Non-adhesive: It proprietary formula allows stickiness without the glue and resulting residue.

Adventure Tape Non-Adhesive

Now you see why we chose to feature Adventure Tape on our website? It’s in the Kickstarter stage with shipping planned for April, 2018. So select your tape size and sit back and wait. Available sizes:

  • Thin – 9mm (0.35″) – 11.8 feet in length
  • Medium – 18mm (0.71″) – 11.8 feet in length
  • Thick – 43mm (1.69″) – 11.8 feet in length

Will it blend in a blender? Will it self heal?

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