Truck campers aren’t anything new, but they sure are convenient and comfortable ways to explore the great outdoors. With a good camper on the back of your truck, your only real limit to how far off-road you can go, is the amount of gas in your tank. Go-Fast Campers,  claim to make the lightest and easiest-to-use pop-up truck campers in existence. At 199 pounds, the Go-Fast Platform succeeds in this endeavor. It’s downright simple and easy to use too; simply pull the release cord and lift, and the gas struts pop it straight up.

The Platform is made from a fully-welded steel space frame. You’ll have your choice of either hard shell or soft shell – Sunbrella canvas or formed aluminum panels. The CNC-Machined Aluminum hardware and hinges ensure this thing is built to last and can handle even the toughest of off-road conditions. The utility tracks are actually durable enough to carry everything from surfboards to a load of lumber.

The vaulted ceiling design provides 94″ of standing room, an impressive amount of space for a pop-up camper – you can actually stand straight up in the back of the truck, which makes living in it a breeze. The translucent roof panel allows light to get in, but is also insulated, keeping you warm and comfortable while sleeping. Windows add some ventilation, while carbon fiber battens keep it from flopping about in the wind. Inside is a 3” thick mattress, and Go-Fast’s Transform-A-Floor panels, a modular panel system that lets you build bunks, storage, even a couch, out of the included floor panel. These floor panels are made of durable, impact-resistant honeycomb composite floor, and both the tent fabric and mattress covers can be pulled out and hosed down for easy cleaning.

As of now, the Go-Fast Campers Platform is only available for 3 vehicles: Toyota Tacoma’s, Chevy Colorady/GMC Canyon’s, and the F-150. But expect the Bozeman, Montana-based shop to design new models for other popular vehicles as time goes on. Reserve one now, and it’ll ship this spring. It’s a great option to those heavier pull campers.

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