The SOG FastHawk is based on the version of the classic Tomahawk used by US soldiers in the Vietnam War. While you may just be looking for one to chop wood or do some chores around camp, this Tactical Tomahawk is equipped for almost any situation or tactical need–breaching operations, excavation, obstacle removal, extraction.

The head is made of 420 Stainless Steel, polished to a smooth satin finish. The blade measures 2”, has a straight edge, and a hardness rating of RC. 51-53. One the reverse side is a chisel, for breaking things and using as a crowbar, and on the flat side of the head is a checkered hammer surface, for pounding in nails, tent stakes, and just about anything else. The head is fitted to the fiberglass reinforced nylon handle with steel bolts and steel ferrule. Grooves are cut into the handle for some surface and grip. SOG includes a nylon sheath for easy, safe carry on your belt, and to protect the blade edge.

The SOG FastHawk is a lightweight, versatile Tomahawk, and more than equipped for anything – whether it’s chores or actual tactical situations. Overall Length is 16”, and it comes in at a nifty 1.5 pounds.


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