When splitting wood and tackling other tough jobs around the farm, you need the toughest and most reliable hatchet you can get. The Fiskars X11 is the one you really want. This sturdy hatchet is built in Finland, with blade-making heritage going back more than three centuries and meant to give you the cleanest cuts possible with one hand. It’s made of a hardened forged steel blade for the hardest, sharpest edge, and they use their own special blade-grinding technique to get the sharpest, smoothest, friction-free cuts. The wedge-shaped head is particularly useful for splitting wood, as it pushes the wood apart and away from the blade by virtue of its unique shape. The head is also formed using inseparable insert-molded heads, which prevents anything from coming apart and flying off.

Inside the handle is shock-absorbing FiberComp, which keeps the weight down while allowing it to be even stronger than steel. The textured grip keeps things tight in your hand, and the balance and weight guarantees forceful swings with less effort.

All-in-all, not too much to be said about this axe. It’s well-built and solid, ready to split wood easily and be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. You can get it in 17”, 23.5”, 28”, and 36” lengths, though the longer it gets, the more you’ll need to use two hands. A sheath is included for storage and transport. When you need something sturdy and reliable for splitting wood, this is what you’re looking for.