Sierra Designs bills the Sweet Suite 2 as hitting the sweet spot between livable space and lightweight. It does this by using a unique pre-bent pole geometry, which allows it to have a lot more interior space at much less weight; a solid 29 square feet. It’s 85 inches long, with 51 inches across on one end, and 48 inches at the feet. The floor and the fly are made from 20D and 30D nylon ripstop, while the body is made from 15D nylon mesh, which keeps it nice, cool and breathable. Altogether, including the poles, the tent system weighs only 3 lbs. 3 oz. There are doors and vestibules on both side, which are great for stashing your gear and boots.

The poles are made of DAC Featherlight Aluminum, and there are only two pole sections; the 3-in-1, Y-pole, and a short ridge pole. The pre-bent shapes makes them taller without adding weight or bulk. It comes out to about 41” tall, but thanks to the pre-bent design, the tent tends to be lower and squatter than other tents, which helps keep it out of the wind.  Yet you never feel cramped inside, and the flaps provide excellent views of whatever you sent your tent up in front of.

The Sweet Suite 2 fits 2 people, and folds down nice and neatly to about a foot in length, fitting in your pack or strapped on the bottom easily.  There are taped seams and polyurethane coating to help keep water where it belongs – on the outside of the tent.

At roughly $370, the one thing the Sweet Suite 2 isn’t, is cheap. You could get several other lighter tents for a lot less. But the quality and design is apparent on this one, and the pre-bent design is easy to use and, well – sweet.

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