As gear becomes more and more technologically advanced, tents are becoming lighter and lighter. None, however, quite reach the lightweight, durable, simplicity of the Hyperlite Ultamid 2. Weighing only 1.19 pounds (without insert or floor), the Ultamid 2 barely weighs more than the hiking boot on your foot, and far less than a bottle of water in your pack, yet is one of the most durable, rugged and convenient tent designs you’ll get your hands on.

The Hyperlite Ultamid 2 is made of 100% waterproof Dyneema, also known as Cuben Fiber, a premium composite material used in sails, airship hulls and even some medical applications. It’s fully seam-sealed all the way around, ensuring no moisture gets in. It comes with eight 3’ UHMWPE Core Guy Lines for perimeter tie-outs, and includes an additional 100’ of UHMWPE Core Guy Lines for center panel tie-outs. The classic pyramid shape is meant to be as simple and easy to set up as possible; you can use your ski or hiking pole, skis, or a paddle, to pitch it. This thing will stand up to some of the worst weather conditions.

As mentioned, the ultralight 1.19lb weight does not include a floor, or bug netting. For that, you’ll need to add on the Ultamid 2 Mesh Insert, which brings the total cost up about 50%, and the total weight to just over 2.5lbs. Which is still very light. With the mesh insert, you’ll get protection from bugs and critters, as well as a floor for added warmth and dryness in wet/cold conditions.

Is it going to replace your trusty backpacking tent? If you’re looking to commit fully to the idea of an ultra-light backpacking tent that doesn’t need its own poles, and are willing to invest the money into it – sure.  The Ultamid may just be the ultimate ultralight tent, in that case.

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