Hammocks are great, but they do cause some logistical problems that camping in tents don’t. Instead of one tent for multiple people, you need multiple hammocks. And what if your campsite doesn’t have trees close enough to hang from? Or what if your campsite does, but only has two trees and you have two hammocks? Easy. You use the Eno Fuse Tandem.

The Fuse Tandem comes from the folks at ENO, well known for their various camping hammocks and setups. This spreader bar system allows you to hang two hammocks side by side from only two trees or anchor points, which makes a world of difference when trying to find a good campsite. It uses a shockcorded pole construction that are essentially regular tent poles, that create a suspension that you can use to hang both hammocks from the same tree/pole/what-have-you at once. They are lightweight DAC poles made of high-quality yet lightweight aluminum.

Setup is super easy and quick and takes all of about 20 seconds. The poles collapse just like tent poles, into sections about a foot long, and you can stuff them into the included carry bag and pop them in your backpack. All together, they weigh only about 9 ounces – barely noticeable in a heavy pack. And, you can use the Fuse Tandem with more than just ENO hammocks; they work with just about any other brand.

So, hammock camping with friends just got a little bit easier. And now swaying in the breeze will be even more fun.

Eno-Fuse-Tandem-2 Eno-Fuse-Tandem-1 Eno-Fuse-Tandem-4