Rube Goldberg machines are amazing works of art…simple machines personified. With the valued STEM programs in education, these Goldberg creations are sure to motivate those curious, problem-solving skills in students. For the rest of us, these are creations are nice entertainment.

Turn That Page! Simple Machine Redefined

Joseph Herscher of Brooklyn is the genius behind this creation. How many of us would love to have a page turner? Maybe a page turner for our Nook or mobile device… true hands-free operation.

Movement and Music Go Hand in Hand

Ok Go is a great band, but their contraption music videos are worthy of viewing multiple times.

Old Toys Put to Good Use

We all have those old toys just gathering dust. The great thing about those toys is many were inspired by machines. Be inspired on how you can create the ultimate “simple machine.”


Machines to the Rescue on the Tree Lighting

You usually don’t associate a Rube Goldberg with Christmas events. However, the ingenuity of mankind is limitless. Rubes are the craze.

Combine a Rube Goldberg with Minecraft

This should inspire your little STEM students. Minecraft is known to most today so motivate your creativity to see how a Rube will pair with the game.

Legos, STEM, and Rube Goldberg

Do adults really need an excuse to play with Legos. Not around our house. Once a Legomaniac, always a Legomaniac.

Want more Rube Goldberg inspirations. Just do a You Tube search and you will find all those STEM students who are our next engineers.

Rube Goldberg STEM Rube Goldberg STEM Rube Goldberg STEM