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The Leica TL2 is A Bigger, Better Mirrorless Camera

Leica Tl2 Front Shot

So it’s not actually bigger, but it is better. Leica just revealed their newest mirrorless camera, the Leica TL2, the long-awaited update to their flagship line. It’s very similar to the familiar T and TL cameras, but comes with a sleeker, more rounded design, and a whole host of new features.

It’s got a 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, Maestro II series processor, and a shutter with speeds as fast as 1/40,000th of a second. Those are some big upgrades over the previous generation TL. The continuous shooting function is capable of up to 20 frames per second, and the TL2 can record video in both 1080p and 4k, for some seriously stunning footage. ¬†There’s also Wifi, for syncing to the phone app for remote control and easy customization.

A 3″ touchscreen finishes out the sleek and minimalist body design – which features no more than a few of the most essential buttons. And thanks to the mirrorless design, this thing is ultra-compact, no larger than your classic old point-and-shoot when there is no lens attached. ¬†Even with a lens, the Tl2 remains light and easy to take anywhere you go. It, of course, uses TL lenses. You can choose between both silver and black anodized finishes.

Leica Tl2 Mirrorless Camera Features

  • 24 MP APS-C Sensor
  • Maestro II processor
  • 1080p, 4k video
  • Frame rates as fast as 1/40,000th /second
  • Continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second
  • Mirrorless design
  • Uses TL lens mount



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