Hammock camping has really taken off in the past few years  – why sleep on the ground when you can sleep in the trees, right? But hammocks have their own drawbacks, and can never really replace the classic tent. Lawson Hammock sought to give you the best of both worlds with their Blue Ridge  Camping Hammock.

A hybrid hammock and tent, the Blue Ridge is built from durable nylon and can be hung between two trees (or posts, or what-have-you) like a hammock, but with roof built in, or laid flat on the ground like a traditional tent. The spreader bars and frame help eliminate the bunching, or cocoon, effect that so many hammocks suffer from.

There is an attached insect screen netting, as well as a rainfly that attaches directly to the hammock – making it a simple, all-in-one solution that does not need tarps or stakes.

At 4.35 lbs., it’s definitely not the lightest of tents or hammocks, but carrying it around is still doable. Weight limit is 275 lbs. when suspended.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Features

  • Works as both hammock and tent
  • Durable Nylon Ripstop Build
  • 275-lb. weight limit
  • Spreader bars prevents banana or cocoon effect
  • Included bug netting, and rainfly
  • Aluminum bars, frame
  • Weighs 4.25 lbs.


Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Rain Tarp Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Trees Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Hanging View