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Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop with Razer Project Linda

Razer Project Linda Top Down Laptop

Why do you need to turn your smartphone into a laptop? We actually have no idea, but apparently Razer thinks it’s a good idea. They’ve recently unveiled their Razer Project Linda, which is an ultra-thin, ultraportable laptop that that is powered by the Android-powered Razer Phone. Essentially, it’s a big fancy smartphone dock, that lets you plug in your smartphone and turn it into a veritable PC, with touchscreen, keyboard and all. (If you prefer running your life on a Windows phone, there’s a dock for that too – the Razer Blade family).

The Project Linda is essentially a 13.3” laptop, without an internal processor or graphics cards. It’s got a 2560 x 1440 resolution, Quad HD Touchscreen that is powered by your phone, and is perfect for gaming, movies and other visually-demanding tasks. You can run apps side by side or watch your favorite shows in perfect HD glory. The smartphone’s touchscreen functions as touchpad, and you can control your apps from there while viewing on the larger screen.

The built-in, backlit keyboard is powered by Razer Chroma, and gives you all the functionality of a full laptop keyboard; type, send messages, shortcuts for your apps and for navigation. The vivid color scheme is nifty, too. Front-facing speakers and a 3.5mm jack adorn the front of the laptop.

There’s 200gb of internal storage, which is something you won’t find on a lot of other smartphone docks, and there is a built-in power bank that charges the phone while it’s docked. The body itself is made of CNC-machined aluminum, only .59” thick. That’s thin – and makes the whole thing portable and light, ready to go wherever your mobile lifestyle takes you.

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