Essential Features:

  • Wide field of view
  • PRIZM lens technology
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Stress-resistant frame
  • 100% UV protection

Oakley is a famous US-based brand that produces high-end apparel and accessories for outdoor activities. What’s more, Oakley is the official partner of the NFL.

To be precise, this company specializes in premium eyewear. That is one of the reasons why this brand is a synonym for quality in the world of professional cycling.

Well, the Oakley Radar EV Path seems to be following the footsteps of the previous models. So, let’s take a closer look at the lens of these badass sunglasses.

Semi-frameless Design

Speaking of looking like a badass, the Radar EV Path features an aggressive approach to design. In other words, the sharp lines give out an edgy vibe.

The rimless bottom not only looks cool, but it also extends your field of view. After all, that’s where the EV comes from, Extend View.

The Oakley Radar EV Path is an extremely resilient pair of sunglasses. The trick is in molded thermoplastic, which is flexible yet durable.

The weight of the glasses is just 28 grams, and the width of the lens is 38 mm. Of course, Oakley provides a wide range of colors that you can choose from to customize your sunglasses.

No Fear of Falling Off

When you are cycling or trekking, the last thing you want is to put your sunglasses back in place continuously. Well, with the Radar EV, these troubles are gone.

To be precise, Oakley equipped this model with practical earpieces and an adjustable nose piece. The nose piece features a non-slip material, which stays in place, no matter how hard you sweat.

Moreover, the material will shrink as it gets wet, which means that you will have no fears that the Oakley’s glasses will wobble or fall off.

PRIZM Lens Technology

The Oakley Radar EV Path is a model that comes with the so-called Plutonite lenses. What this means is that your eyes will be protected from the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

On top of that, the Oakley Radar EV features PRIZM lens technology. In essence, this system blocks 99% of the reflected glare, providing you with a razor-sharp vision at all times.

Of course, this technology is crucial when you are driving a bike or skiing.

Likewise, these sunglasses have a hydrophobic layer on the lenses. So, this coating will repel water and eliminate fogging. As a result, Oakley Radar EV delivers superior optical clarity.


Oakley is a brand committed to excellence, and they raise the bar with each new model. They are committed to innovation and evolution in the world of optics. For that reason, Oakley Radar EV Path is a highly recommended model for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

No matter if you plan on wearing them on your fishing trip or your baseball game, these sunglasses will protect your eyes at all times. This model is super-comfortable, so it will be a joy to wear the Oakley Radar EV Path.