Main features of Trekking Poles:

  • Lightweight (only 16 ounces)
  • Carbon fiber shafts
  • Adjustable length
  • Quick-Lock system
  • Ergonomic cork grip

The process of finding the right trekking poles can be a tedious task because the market offers a broad array of options. For that reason, we decided to check what’s out there and find the ultimate product.

And guess what, it didn’t take long to find the perfect candidate. After all, few models can compete with the durability and usability of the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles. We took them for a spin, and here is what we learned about this premium set.

Excellent build quality

As we all know, trekking poles must be sturdy yet light. Thus, it can be challenging to hit the sweet spot between durability and ease of use. Well, Cascade Mountain Tech is a company with years of experience in the business. So, their craftsmanship is, by all means, outstanding.


For instance, these trekking poles have carbon fiber shafts and tungsten carbide tips. The use of these high-quality materials offers impressive performances out on the trail. In other words, these trekking poles can survive lots of wear and tear.

Adjustable and flexible

Aside from impressive durability, Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles also offer top-shelf convenience. What we mean by this is that this model uses the so-called Quick-Lock system. This technology relies on a set of levers that allows users to adjust the length of the poles with ease.


To be precise, these poles are made out of three telescoping pieces. By tightening and releasing the Quick-Lock system, users can collapse or extend the poles. The length can range from 26 to 55 inches.

Ergonomic and convenient

By now, you should have realized that we are dealing with well-built trekking poles. But there’s more where that came from, and Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles can offer excellent usability as well. We already said that these collapsible poles are adjustable and flexible, but they are also ergonomic and supportive.

For example, the cork grip is a neat detail. This gently contoured element provides a non-slip surface. Also, the handles are covered with a rounded rubber top that prevents scratches and allows for a comfortable resting position. On top of that, these trekking poles come equipped with extra padded wrist straps.

Should you buy them?

Inexpensive yet durable, Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles are in the league of their own when it comes to price to value ratio. That’s also the reason why we recommend this model to everyone who enjoys long walks out in the great outdoors.

These poles will reduce fatigue, improve posture, and provide the necessary stability on all types of terrain. Plus, the set comes with four interchangeable tips that will increase grip on snowy or muddy trails. Likewise, you can quickly collapse the poles to 26’’ and shove them in the back of the car when the hiking session is over. So, what are you waiting for?