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Pelican Air: The Bombproof Hardcase You Need For Traveling

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When it comes to protective cases, nobody does it quite like Pelican. They’re nearly indestructible, dustproof, and ready for just about anything you can throw at them. What exactly makes their cases so special, you ask? The Pelican Air 1615 uses the same classic silhouette and shape as other Pelican cases; they’re the maximum allowable size for airplane carry-on – 32.58 x 18.4 x 11.02 – making it a good combination of size, storage and convenience. In fact, it’s the perfect size for a photographer’s kit.

However, unlike older models, the Air 1615 weighs a good 28% less, and a good 40% less than other brands of polymer cases, which is welcome for sure. Empty, it comes in at 14 lbs. With foam, about 17 pounds. It’s made completely of Pelican’s HPX resin. It’s crushproof, bombproof, dustproof, and rated for temperatures anywhere from -60F to 160F.

For such a seemingly simple item, Pelican loads the Air with some sweet features; the Automatic Purge Valve keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure inside. Only the finest materials are used in making this; the valve has Hi-flow Gore-Tex 3-micron hydrophobic non-woven material and a 70 Shore Nitrile O-ring.

There is a business card holder on the outside, and a retractable handle for pulling along like your rolling suitcase. The wheels are rolling stainless steel bearings, and ultra-quiet. Two, double-throw latches snap firmly into place and keep the lid from flying open at the wrong time, and four molded feet keep the case sitting firmly on flat surfaces.

When buying a Pelican Air, you get to choose between a few different interior setups; regular foam, padded dividers, TrekPad dividers, or empty – no foam.

So if you’re looking to transport your kit and need the peace of mind that it is safe and secure, the Pelican Air will do the trick.

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