Main features of GORUCK MACV-1 Black Suede Boots:

  • Black Suede leather
  • Small heel-to-toe drop (13mm)
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Dual-compound rubber outsole
  • 8” lacing system with speed laces
  • Ankle webbing with no mesh spacer
  • Innovative drain holes

Typically, tactical boots feel like tanks on your feet. On the other hand, running shoes don’t have the necessary durability to survive rigorous wear and tear. The idea behind GORUCK MACV-1 is to create resilient military boots while keeping them as lightweight as possible.

Therefore, GORUCK MACV-1 Black suede boots are a high-quality model that pays homage to the footwear used by Special Forces, but they also offer maximum usability.

Sounds interesting? That’s because it is. Here’s what we learned after taking them for a spin.

Top-Drawer Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, black suede leather is a top-quality material. Even so, GORUCK MACV-1 features not only suede leather but 1000D CORDURA as well. This combination makes the MACV-1s stand out among the competition. It also helps with the design, making this model an eye-catching military boot.

Rugged Yet Super-Comfortable

Just like military-issue boots, GORUCK MACV-1 comes with a dual-compound rubber outsole. This design ensures that these military boots provide excellent performance in all terrains. The dual-compound rubber outsole increases the traction in unfavorable terrains.

The first part of the dual-compound design is the forefoot rubber that enhances the grip once you put weight on it. The second part is the heel area that increases abrasion resistance and guarantees high durability.

Ready To Go At A Moment’s Notice

GORUCK MACV-1 Black Suede boots come equipped with an efficient 8” lacing system. Also, the MACV-1 features 3-mm speed laces, not the standard 5mm version.

These smaller laces bring two extra advantages, aside from the high speed of tying your boots. Namely, the first benefit is the reduction of the accumulated mud and dirt. The other advantage is the ease of use and the effortless maintenance. Best of all, the MACV-1 requires no break-in time.

Innovative and Bold Solutions

Among other things, GORUCK MACV-1 also has a 2” webbing sewn to the heel. The military uses this feature for several reasons, including high stability and support on uneven ground. We should also mention that MACV-1s come with drain holes for removing excess water or sweat, boosting breathability and comfort.

No GORUCK boots ever had spacer mesh, and the MACV-1 is no different. The mesh might be comfortable with its softness and squishiness, but once it comes in contact with liquid, it turns your boots into weights. This high absorption is the reason you won’t find spacer mesh in the GORUCK MACV-1 boots.

Should You Buy Them?

The durability and reliability are among the primary benefits of the GORUCK MACV-1 Black Suede boots. But the list doesn’t stop there, and you also get maximum comfort and ultimate protection. So, if you are in the market for a dependable tactical boot, GORUCK MACV-1 is both attractive and efficient. In other words, these boots are worth every penny.