It’s a universal experience: losing or breaking your expensive sunglasses. Whether you just accidentally sat on them in the car, they fell off your head into the water…or you flew off the handlebars and cracked them right in half, there’s about a million-and-one ways to ruin your glasses and leave your eyes unprotected from damaging UV rays.

So, thank heavens for the Huckberry Weekenders.


Huckberry Weekenders: Durable Sunglasses For Sport – And Life

Huckberry knows what’s up when it comes to great lifestyle and outdoor gear. So leave it up to them to create some epic sunglasses that won’t break whether doing everyday things or outdoorsy things – and won’t break the bank, either. The Huckberry Weekenders come in classic Ray-Ban style (think Wayfarers, but sportier – Huckberried) but are built for activity and resilience; the heavy-duty plastic is light and flexible, but also totally strong and durable.

They’re designed to fit snugly and comfortably on your face – staying put instead of flying off at the slightest movement. And they even have a special temple design that encloses the hinge to protect them should they fall off your face.


Polarized Lens, Protection on the Cheap

It may be news to some, but sunglasses are functional tools, not just stylish accessories. The Weekenders have scratch-resistant, polarized lens designed not only to dim the scene and block UV rays, but also to block glare, prevent reflections, and reduce strain on your eyes on both sunny and overcast days.

Consider that you can pick up a pair of Weekenders from Huckberry for $35, and all this sounds like a deal to us. High-quality, durable sunglasses that look great and are dirt cheap enough to not leave your wallet smarting when you need to buy a replacement…that’s a win. Choose from Black, Grey, Maroon and Navy.