Another item you never asked for, but somebody made anyway, Modobag is officially the weirdest suitcase we have ever seen. While rolling suitcases, and even some motorized ones and plenty of smart ones, have existed for some time, we’ve never seen one as beastly and hefty as this one – it combines a motorized suitcase with a ride-on scooter that can accommodate riders up to 260 pounds. Yes, you can literally sit on this thing and just ride around the airport, right on your own cushioned memory seat.


The Modobag consists of 2000 cubic inches of space inside – that’s 32 liters. It’s got a ballistic nylon shell on a lightweight aluminum chassis, an internal laptop pocket, dual USB charging ports and light LED controls. There are Modobag Foot Rests for getting a comfortable, sturdy seat on the back of the bag, and extendable Towing Handle and stowing/lift handles on both the front and back.

Under the hood (or, whatever you want to call it) is a high-torque 150-watt motor, capable of propelling this bad boy 8 miles an hour, with a range of 8 miles per charge. It charges 80% in only 15 minutes, and fully in one hour. The lithium battery is rated to last 4,000 full charge cycles. And dual wheel brakes ensure it stops on a dime. To ride it, sit on top and steer it with the telescoping aluminum steering wheel, attached to the CNC-machined steering column.

And if tracking and smart features are important, you’ll appreciate the GPS real-time tracking and proximity alert,

We expect you’ll get a few weird looks as your ride the ModoBag around the airport, but if traveling in pure comfort is your MO, it might just be worth the $1500. Ought to make getting to your gate after that 8-hour layover just a little bit easier.

Modobag-Bag-2 Modobag-Footrest-3 Modobag-Footrest-4 Modobag-Footrest-1 Modobag-Bag-3 Modobag-Footrest-2