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Have a Funky Buddha French Toast Beer For Breakfast

Funky Buddha French Toast Beer

There are approximately two options that popped into our head when we saw this French Toast Beer from Funky Buddha. The first: Yuck. How could anyone. The second: Beer me.

While we’re not usually fans of funky-flavored, sweet beers, we couldn’t resist this one. The French Toast Double Brown Ale from Funky Buddha is sweet, sure, but deliciously so. It’s actually tastes like French Toast, in addition to the infusions of cinnamon and vanilla – two of the best French Toast toppings. And don’t forget the warm maple syrup, which will make you like it’s an early winter morning in Maine. Definitely not our first choice for a cold, relaxing drink after dinner, but who says you can’t have a beer for breakfast? It’s 8.8% ABV and worth every sip.

French Toast Double Brown is a seasonal offering from Funky Buddha, but for some reason, they release it in June – and not winter, when we think French Toast would be most welcome. So you may have to wait a few months to snag a bottle or a pint. They suggest pairing it with steak or a BBQ sandwich, maybe even some crème brulee for dessert. We still think it would be better paired with breakfast.

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