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Xmera Feature Image

Xmera Is The World’s First “Bionic Bike” – And It’s on IndieGogo Right Now

E-bikes were getting pretty popular for a while there, though they may have cooled off a little bit in the past year or so. The Xmera looks to rejuvenate the niche, however, by being the first “bionic bike>"

Vollebak Carbon Fibre T-Shirt

Vollebak is Making A Carbon Fibre T-Shirt Now, Too

Like High-Tech Clothing? Look no further than Vollebak.

Best Packrafting Shoes

Best Packrafting Shoes 2019: Neoprene, Astral, Stohlquist and More

You’re about to head out on a killer multi-day packrafting trip. You’re all set to're just missing the right pair of shoes.

Leatherman Raptor 2

Leatherman Raptor Are The Scissors That Could Save Your Life

Scissors are for more than just arts and crafts and chores around the home. Properly designed and executed, they can be versatile multi-tools for calling up on in emergencies and perilous situations.

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Houston Feat Image

How to Spend A Weekend In Houston: Bars, Barbecue and Bayous

Combine everything there is to do in Houston with the sheer size of the place, and there is about a 0% chance you’ll be able to explore everything this city has to offer in a mere 48-hour weekend trip.

McLaren 720S Ride On Feature Image

This McLaren 720S Ride-On Is the SuperCar Your Kid Needs

Got a kid who's just itching to get behind the wheel?. They may need to be 15 or 16 to get a learner’s permit, but there is no reason you can’t go about giving them something to start learning the art of driving on early.

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

AmazonBasics’ Internal Frame Hiking Backpack Is Wicked Cheap

A common complaint with outdoor gear is that it is too expensive. Beginners don't want to dump hundreds of dollars on kit only to find they don't enjoy the sport.

Vollebak Ocean Shorts 2

Vollebak’s Green Ocean Shorts Are Mega-Insane

Vollebak bills their neon green and granite Ocean Shorts as the “Super Car” of shorts. In other words, they’re par for the course for the folks who brought us jackets made of Graphene and glass:

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker
Food & Drink

This Single Serve K-Cup Is A Screaming Prime Day Deal Right Now

Keurig and other capsule coffee makers are handy tools. Indispensable office appliances and modern conveniences for those of us who don’t have time to brew a whole cup every morning

Vaer Watches Banner Image

Vaer Watches: Stylish. Affordable. Handmade in America.

Good, timeless watches don’t have to be expensive. That was the idea behind Vaer, the Los Angeles-based, small-batch watchmaker.

Wild Zora Meat and Veggie Bars
Food & Drink

Wild Zora: Meat and Veggie Bars For The Health-Conscious Adventurer

Energy bars and protein bars are delicious, and perfect for on-the-go snacking or refueling during long, grueling hikes or workouts. They’re also loaded with sugar.

Handy Gym

The Handy Gym Might Be The Best Travel Gym Ever

Working out at home or on the road can be tricky. It may be easy to get a few bodyweight pushups in, but you’ll plateau quickly and soon find yourself looking for even more action. That’s where the Handy Gym comes in.