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Best Sun Hoodies 2019

3 Best Sun Hoodies For Summer 2019

Spending the day in the hot sun requires being covered and protected from all those harmful UV rays

PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic: All Your Favorite PS Games All-In-One

PlayStation has jumped on the "vintage" train by releasing the PlayStation Classic. Following the suite of Nintendo, Sony has included some of PlayStation's greatest hits.

Nebula Capsule Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Nebula Capsule Smart Mini-Projector: A Lot of Picture In a Small Design

The portable Nebula Capsule is powerful enough for home use to a large conference room. Compatible with many devices and the Bluetooth feature allows operation from your Smartphone.

Merino wool Swim Trunks Outerknown

Woolaroo Are Outerknown’s 100% Merino Wool Swim Trunks

Bathing suits are usually pretty basic stuff. Board shorts or trunks made from some quick-drying synthetic material, designed to shed water.

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For The Journey

On the horizon

Pocket Sky: Will This Blue Light Device Make Your Sleep Better?

If a cross-country or long-distance flight has ever left you dragging with jet lag…and you’ve needed a quick way to perk up and get on with the day (and caffeine isn't working for ya...) then you might like Pocket Sky.

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PS4 Controller Wireless Bluetooth with USB Cable for Sony Playstation 4 - CHASDI

Top 5 Controllers for PC Gaming 2019: Taking You to the Next Level

PC gamers continue to debate keyboard/mouse or controller. Controllers offer mobility, quick response, and comfort. There are shining winners in the top 5 controllers for PC Gaming as well as the criteria needed for this selection.

BTR Stool Hero Image

The BTR Stool: Better Than A Rock. Now On Kickstarter

The BTR Stool, from Vancouver-based Hillsound Equipment, is the most high-tech stool to grace the camping scene in a while. 

AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen for 3D Modeling

Higher Dimensional Drawings With the AIO 3D Printing Pen: A Great Entry Point Tool

3D printing has become more commonplace across all industries and home use. The affordable AIO 3D Printing Pen is easy to operate and is perfect for anyone wishing to enter the market.


11 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts: For The Gear Lover, The History Buff, The Outdoorsman

Just a few days until Father’s Day. If you’re still looking for a last minute gift to get Dad, you’re in luck…


Blue Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic: An Affordable Mic for DIY Music Enthusiasts

From podcasting to recording music, the Blue Ember XLR Mic is your next go-to product. The Blue Ember XLR is a perfect mic for DIY enthusiasts who need a solid all-purpose recording microphone.

Smarthalo 2 hero

SmartHalo 2: The All-In-One Bike Device That Makes Cycling Simple

If you’re looking for smart navigation devices for your bike, there are a smattering of choices out there. But the SmartHalo 2 might be the smartest and most convenient.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptops 2019: Computer Industry Gives Us Gaming Laptops

Laptops are increasingly becoming an alternative to desktops for gaming. Today's gaming laptops are now able to keep up with the bulkier desktop models. Modern laptops come equipped with high tech heavy-duty components that are capable of the same performance as their heftier desktop cousins.

Affordable Briefcases fathers

3 Affordable Briefcases and Laptop Bags (In Time For Father’s Day)

When it comes to briefcases, it can take a bit of an investment to get a true high-quality one. Sure – there are some deals.