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  • Why get running snowshoes? With the dead of winter upon us, many people people are taking some time off from outdoor pursuits to stay warm and comfortable inside by the fire. For us, however, winter means we're gearing up to tackle our favorite pursuits - just in colder and more inclement weather. ... Read More

  • There’s no shortage of ways with which to charge devices and batteries when camping or away from a power outlet - portable battery pack or a solar-powered charger generally being the tool of choice. Generators work too, but they’re only practical for car camping trips. ... Read More

  • If you work on the computer for hours on end, like most of us, then you have good need for standing desk or computer stand – something to bring your computer up to a comfortable standing height. ... Read More

  • We’ve definitely, in the past, praised the many uses of a trusty hatchet. There’s the obvious - chopping wood, downing trees, building a shelter, cleaning up around the yard or campsite, all important tasks that can be easily done with a hatchet – and the not-so obvious, like breaking open doors, smashing through crates and windows, as well as for ... Read More

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