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GoSun Solar Grill–The Good Life, Powered by the Sun

GoSun Solar Grill

Solar grills–no fuel, no mess; roast, steam, bake; all powered by fuel from 92 million miles away! Enter the GoSun Solar Grill. The technology behind the grill is a specially designed set of mirrors. The grill focuses 250 watts worth of the sun’s power directly into a vacuum-sealed, insulated tube in which you can cook just about anything you could imagine.

No more propane, charcoal, or lighter. Just pack your 30-pound GoSun with the rest of your camping gear and you are set. Going boating? Grill right on the boat. With a working temperature ranging between 250 and 425 degrees fahrenheit, the only limitation you’ll face using this is remembering to bring the items to grill.

GoSun Solar Grill Specifications

  • Dry Weight: Grill: 30 lbs (13.6kg)
  • Total Oven Volume: 246oz (7.3L)
  • Cooking Pans: Stainless Steel, Qty. 2 Pans, Total Volume 108oz (3.2L), Each Pan Dimensions: 9.8″ (25cm) length, 4.5″(11.4cm) width, 3″ (7.6cm) height
  • Oven Opening Diameter (ID): 5.3” (13.5cm)
  • Closed Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height , 11” (28cm) width
  • Open Grill Dimensions: 25” (64cm) length, 12.6” (32cm) height, 18.5” (47cm) width
  • Estimated Power Output: 250 Watts in full sunlight
  • Maximum Temperature: 450°F(232°C)
  • Working Temperature: 250°F (121°C) – 425°F (218°C)

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