Since autumn is at the door, with winter lurking in the back, it’s prime time to find the comfiest hoodie possible. After all, we spend hours in a hoodie, either when chilling after work or going to the mall.

Like them or not, hoodies are a convenient and versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe. Plus, they can raise the points for your overall style if chosen wisely. For that reason, we present you with the best five men’s hoodies for 2021.

The following five models should meet the needs of various gents, i.e., boys and men with different interests and lifestyles. So, let’s cut to the chase and see how you can prepare for the upcoming season.

1. GQ 8-Ball Hoodie

Ready or not, we’re coming out swinging because a bunch of new merch arrived at the GQ Shop, and you don’t want to miss out on a jewel such as the attractive GQ 8-Ball Hoodie. After all, GQ’s only rule for making the apparel is that it has to be awesome. So, they created a hoodie inspired by the ‘90s head shop iconography and the cosmic grunge style that ruled the decade.

Namely, the cool-looking GQ 8-Ball Hoodie features tattooable 8-Ball logos looking like they came out of a 1996 magazine. At the same time, the black and white aesthetic keeps things cool and modern, adapting the design to the present day.

The logo on the front sits on the left side of the chest, covering the heart area. So, in essence, the burning 8-Ball is not overly complicated, and it even looks minimalistic. On the other hand, the logo on the back is a bit more complex because it also features a Reaper-like character hovering over the ball. But regardless of whether you call it the Grim Reaper, the Ghost Rider, or the Death itself, the creature is scary and reminiscent of Punisher comics.

As we all know, hoodies are primarily suited for streetwear outfits, and GQ 8-Ball Hoodie is one of the best hoodies for walks around the town. Of course, you can combine it with all sorts of pants, but it’s clear this model is among the best hoodies for punk and rock fans out there. It features a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester with a total weight of 9.5 ounces.

2. L.L. Bean STORM FLEECE Hoodie

Now we move on to something a bit different, although we are staying in the hoodie realm. More precisely, we present you with L.L. Bean STORMFLEECE Hoodie, a durable and rugged model for active, outdoorsy gentlemen. Unlike the dark-styled GQ hoodie, this one is all about spending time in nature, regardless of the weather.

As the name suggests, the STORMFLEECE hoodie can tackle the elements and keep you dry even during storms and heavy rain. In essence, the secret lies in the innovative fusion of fleece and softshell, making this hoodie similar to an all-season jacket. After all, the weather-resistant exterior repels water while the fleece interior provides warmth and coziness.

For that reason, L.L. Bean STORMFLEECE Hoodie is a perfect choice for rainy days or even winter activities. Namely, the hen drawcord will seal out the cold air, and it will also protect you against snow during snowboarding or skiing adventures. Plus, you’ll also get two zippered hand pockets and a three-point adjustable hood. Available in five sizes and three colors, the STORMFLEECE hoodie is a safe bet for anyone spending lots of time outside in cold weather.

3. Champion LIFE Hoodie

The chances are that Chucks and 501s have been a part of your wardrobe for years, but there’s more to Champion sweatshirts and hoodies than meets the eye. Primarily, we are talking about Champion LIFE Hoodie, another durable go-to hoodie you could wear for ages.

Ever since Champion introduced its patented reverse weave system back in the 1930s, customers worldwide stayed loyal to the brand. After all, the innovative technology increased the fleece’s durability and reduced shrinking. And as they say, the rest is history, with Champion hoodies becoming the outfitter for many college sports teams in the US and around the globe.

Well, Champion LIFE Hoodie continues down the well-trodden path with its signature 1×1 rib side panels. As you probably know, these elements increase the range of motion and provide maximum freedom. Also, this model comes with a pull-on closure, another typical aspect of Champion hoodies.

As far as materials go, Champion LIFE Hoodie features cotton (82%) and polyester (18%). Most importantly, the legendary heavyweight fleece minimizes shrinkage, and the length stays true for years. Of course, the LIFE hoodie also comes with double-stitched seams for maximum durability and longevity.

4. Taylor Stitch The Shackleton Hoodie

Now we go again to something a bit unorthodox and undoubtedly unique. The next entry on our list of the best hoodies for 2021 is the tough-looking Taylor Stitch The Shackleton Hoodie. Available at Huckberry, this hoodie comes from a brand launched in 2007. In essence, Taylor Stitch focuses on functional and casual clothing, and this hoodie also follows the same philosophy.

Moreover, Taylor Stitch The Shackleton Hoodie takes things a step further by drawing inspiration from none other than the famous Ernest Shackleton. The legendary adventurer, who trekked to the Antarctic back in the day, symbolizes tenacious energy and perseverance. Well, this hoodie lives up to the name by being tough as nails and offering excellent protection against the elements.

Namely, this heavy-duty heady features a hefty 11-ounce French terry, a rugged fabric knit from 100% organic cotton. Also, Taylor Stitch The Shackleton Hoodie comes with ribbed side panels for extra mobility and heavy-duty ribbing at cuffs and hem. Of course, these elements also boost durability and allow the Shackleton hoodie to survive years of wear and tear.

Besides being extra dependable, the Shackleton hoodie also deserves top marks for aesthetics. For instance, two vintage-looking nickel snaps at the hood are neat details, but the overall design is timeless and classic. Plus, you’ll also get a kangaroo patch pocket for storing your essentials or keeping your hands warm.

5. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie

In the end, we’ve arrived at an iconic brand and an equally famous product. Yes, we are talking about Nike and their Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie. So, as far as comfy hoodies go, this model is up there with the elite. Even though it features a simplistic design, this model deserves top marks for comfort, warmth, and overall quality.

As we all know, Nike is among the leading athletic apparel brands on the planet, and they continue to come up with quality goods. That’s why we included the comfy Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie on our list of the best hoodies in 2021.

Material-wise, the Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie features a mix of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%). As a result, the material resists shrinking, and the interior is super-soft and cuddly. On the outside, the tight-woven fabric feels smooth, offering a relaxed fit with minimal shrinkage after washing.

As expected, Nike doesn’t go overboard with prints and shapes regarding design. Instead, the Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie only features the Swoosh logo in the left chest area. On the other hand, the range of colors and sizes is excellent, allowing you to combine the hoodie with your style.