Since many people embraced comfort and a work-from-home lifestyle during COVID-19, several athleisure brands rose to prominence. These companies focus on performance-built clothing and urban uniforms for the streets, coffee shops, malls, and gyms.

So, to present the best men’s athleisure brands in 2022, we dug deep and scoured the web, ending with the top ten contenders. And here they are, listed in no particular order.


Before moving on to the actual companies, we should explain what separates the best from the rest and how our selection process looks. Of course, you can use this checklist as a guide when buying new athleisure garments in 2022.


You guessed it; everything starts with shapes, sizes, colors, and visuals. Although most athleisure brands stick with minimalist designs and neutral colors, many break these boundaries and explore new aesthetics. For that reason, we evaluated design philosophies to find the most attractive and stylish athleisure brands.


Athleisure differs from activewear with its laid-back vibe and the focus on functional yet casual designs. Nevertheless, top-quality brands should never compromise with materials and fabrics. We checked if their products can survive wear and tear, primarily since we use athleisure garments for day-to-day activities.


Nowadays, many companies promote sustainable manufacturing and the use of recycled materials. The same goes for the athleisure segment, and we checked whether top-rated brands are socially responsible and ethical. Likewise, we looked into the company’s history and tradition to select only the best examples.


Finally, we considered the average prices and the overall companies’ pricing policies to meet many users’ needs. In other words, most brands on this list are wallet-friendly and suitable for those looking for affordable athleisure. Then again, we also listed high-end brands for those willing to pay extra for the best athleisure clothing money can buy.


The full name of this Canadian company is lululemon athletica inc., and Chip Wilson founded it 24 years ago. So, since 1998, lululemon has been a part of the retail industry, manufacturing high-quality athletic apparel, personal care products, and athleisure. Currently, lululemon has around 500 land-based stores worldwide and an elegant online portal.

During the late 2000s, lululemon was a frequent guest on the Fortune’s Fastest-growing companies list. This popularity came because lululemon enjoyed a pioneer status in the athletic wear segment, predominantly regarding yoga pants for women. Moreover, in 2005, the brand trademarked Luon, its proprietary high-microfiber fabric, revolutionizing the industry.

But, of course, lululemon wouldn’t be on the list of the top men’s athleisure brands of 2022 if it only produced women’s leggings. On the contrary, this legendary company manufactures plenty of garments for active men who appreciate practical designs and high-quality fabrics.

To be honest, lululemon had its share of controversies, mostly coming from Chip Wilson, the founder. Yet, the company remains a must-visit shop for anyone looking for comfy and classy shorts, joggers, sweatpants, and T-shirts. Training hoodies and long-sleeve shirts are also on the menu, and you’ll find plenty of classic-fit pants as well.

As expected, sweat-wicking fabrics and earthly tones dominate lululemon’s athleisure collections. The garments have the resilience and durability needed for various athletic activities, but they can also be an excellent choice for a day on the sofa or a zoom meeting. We should also mention that lululemon keeps the prices moderate and wallet-friendly.


Named after the elegant European river, Rhone is an athleisure brand founded in 2014. The company’s roots go back to New Haven, Connecticut, and the founding fathers were brothers Ben and Nate Checketts alongside Casey Edgar. They named the company after the Rhone because the river combines aesthetic beauty and functionality.

During the early days, Rhone operated only as an online retailer, but they later partnered with Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Equinox. The company’s philosophy focuses on active men aged between 20 and 50 years with a high income and a passion for outdoor activities.

Rhone is famous for its performance-driven clothing, including everyday shorts, joggers, and pants. For example, their bestselling, travel-ready jogger is an all-purpose garment offering four-way stretchiness and multiple pockets. In addition, Rhone uses fast-drying fabrics to reduce waiting times and allow you to wear your comfiest clothing almost non-stop.

Rhone also combines sustainable fabrics with luxury materials, crafting exciting pieces that impress anyone. And yet, this athleisure brand has plenty to offer for remote workers and anyone spending time at home. Rhone’s clothing is versatile and made for movement, either working out in the gym or cleaning the kitchen.

Another area where Rhone earns top points is breathability. More precisely, their clothing features a relaxed fit, and many garments also come with anti-odor technology with actual gold particles!


Another young athleisure brand is Ten Thousand, and this New York-based label stepped onto the scene in 2017. The founders, Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie, were frustrated with the market’s lack of quality workout shorts. Since Nowak was a marathoner and a triathlete, he wanted to fill the void and create high-quality apparel for modern active men.

Ten Thousand boasts a ‘dedication to continuous improvement,’ and the company enhances its practices and technologies gradually. Most importantly, Ten Thousand focuses on athlete-led design, manufacturing premium gear built to perform. As expected, designers and product managers at Ten Thousand collaborate with passionate athletes from various fields, including endurance runners, cross-fitters, and others.

On the other hand, Ten Thousand also has plenty to offer for less active men, i.e., people working from home and needing comfortable yet quality everyday essentials. For example, Ten Thousand offers unrivaled T-shirts backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Like many athleisure labels, Ten Thousand offers various accessories, but the primary categories in the online shop are shirts, shorts, pants, socks, base layers, and mid-layers. Hoodies and lightweight insulated jackets are attention-grabbing, but you’ll find the same quality with long-sleeve shirts and interval pants at Ten Thousand.


If you are an avid Instagram user, it could seem like every fitness trainer is wearing Vuori. This Californian athleisure brand founded in 2015 has taken the world by storm, meeting the needs of people interested in fitness, surfing, fashion, or outdoor recreation.

Of course, most of Vuori’s colorful creations draw inspiration from the Coastal Californian lifestyle. The portfolio includes clothing for surfers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, and others. Recently, this brand expanded to seven countries, becoming a global force in athleisure and sportswear.

According to Joe Kudla, the CEO, Vuori is only getting started. For instance, the company plans to release several ethical and sustainable products, including extra-soft joggers made from elastane and recycled polyester. The material will provide moisture-wicking properties and long-lasting comfort for walks through the city streets or movie-watching marathons.

Vuori promotes eco-conscious manufacturing, and the company boasts complete carbon neutrality. Clothing-wise, Vuori’s lineup offers plenty of versatility, primarily with colors. Almost every Vuori product is available in dozens of bold colors. Our picks included Trail Shorts and Sunday Performance Joggers, but there’s more where that came from.

Another feature we noticed about this athleisure brand is how lightweight and breathable everything feels. So, if you need top-quality clothing for lounging or running errands, Vuori is a safe bet.


Famous for its Daily Wear System, Mark Weldon is the epitome of a modern menswear brand. Founded by Brian Berger in 2012, this label has a decade of experience reinventing men’s clothing for city streets and the everyday workday.

Although Mack Weldon is most famous for its men’s underwear, this brand has plenty more to offer. Admittedly, the company was underwear-centric in the early years, but the reinvented Mack Weldon has eyes on the entire athleisure spectrum.

While browsing through Mack Weldon bestsellers, you’ll notice crew-neck T-shirts, sweat-wicking shorts, and stealth boxer briefs. Each product oozes quality, and you don’t have to be a fashion expert to appreciate the timeless designs and premium fabrics. Moreover, Mack Weldon continuously pushes the boundaries and innovates new materials to create wardrobe staples.

Besides ethical manufacturing, Mack Weldon also boasts an exciting loyalty program with many savings and perks. Also, the company promotes its collections under descriptive names, and you can choose between The Operator, The Escape Artist, The Easy Goer, or The Pacesetter. As the names suggest, these lineups follow specific aesthetics and design principles, suiting different lifestyles.


The next contender for the best men’s athleisure label in 2022 also offers an attractive loyalty program. Namely, Fabletics offers a VIP membership with a monthly fee and plenty of discounts and promotions. Many celebrities also promote this brand, including Kevin Hart, Kate Hudson (co-owner), Demi Lovato, and others.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics is still a fresh face in the fashion industry. Yet, this athleisure label has attracted plenty of attention worldwide and created an impressive fan base.

Fabletics offers affordable clothing for various activities, but the essential categories in this company’s catalog are yoga gear, loungewear, and streetwear. Athletic clothes are also on the menu, with premium leggings for women and high-quality shorts for men.

Like Vuori and other athleisure labels, Fabletics prefers a colorful approach to design. Thus, you’ll find plenty of bright-colored shorts, joggers, and hoodies in a Fabletics shop. Of course, the company sells clothes online, but there are more than 50 brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores across the US.

This activewear brand creates stylish and well-designed clothes with a down-to-earth vibe ideal for fans of athleisure clothing. Moreover, Fabletics embodies fun and transparency, promoting eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainability. So, if you are in the market for budget-friendly athleisure brands but don’t want to lower the quality standards, Fabletics is the place to visit.


The next brand needs no introductions, primarily because Patagonia has been around since 1973. So, in the past 48 years, anyone interested in outdoor clothing had to stumble upon Patagonia’s high-end products. And even though Yvon Chouinard, the founder, bears the nickname Reluctant Businessman, he turned Patagonia into an empire.

Chouinard is famous for his rock climbing and environmentalism passions. So, it makes sense to see that Patagonia ranks as the most eco-friendly activewear brand in 2022. The company combines high-quality craftsmanship with a remarkable effort toward activism and land preservation.

As expected, a considerable portion of Patagonia’s products use recycled materials, including nylon, polyester, and wool. Even so, the garments are long-lasting, resilient, and durable.

When browsing through Patagonia’s online catalog, you’ll notice that rain jackets and tech tees dominate. Nonetheless, athleisure clothing is also at your disposal, including organic cotton T-shirts and all-wear hemp volley pants. Long-sleeved daily shirts are perfect for layering, while the organic Crew sweatshirts with the Patagonia logo fit the bills for zoom meetings and coffee breaks in the mall.


Daniel Patrick is another athleisure brand with high-caliber promoters, and celebrities like Justin Bieber, James Harden, or Steve Aoki often wear this eye-catching label. The fashionable Daniel Patrick brand has been around since 2012, competing with the best athleisure brands and grabbing a piece of the cake.

Although this activewear brand originates from Australia, Daniel Patrick moved to Los Angeles and started building a fashion empire in the northern hemisphere. On top of that, Daniel Patrick incorporated the iconic Southern California look into its designs, alluding back to the 1990s. So, as far as modern takes on classics go, Daniel Patrick is the brand you need.

Over the years, Daniel Patrick went from darker aesthetics to a colorful palette of athleisure garments for day-to-day activities. For instance, one of Daniel Patrick’s bestsellers, the Roaming Cloak, comes in various colors, including bright red and mountain blue.

The high-quality Stadium Tees is another product that caught our eye, alongside the Varsity Tee and the legendary Venice Trunks. At the same time, Daniel Patrick offers a luxury sportswear collection for active men. So, if pullovers and hoodies are your game, Daniel Patrick ticks the box for being a solid choice.


Since we mentioned hoodies, it’s about time we visited the brand synonymous with comfy athletic clothing. Believe it or not, Champion is a brand born in 1919, making it the oldest athleisure label. The brand’s history started in Rochester, New York, but this sportswear brand soon conquered the country and moved beyond the American borders.

Yes, we all know Champion rules the world of collegiate tees and sweatshirts, and this trend had changed little since 1934 when Champion released the first hooded sweatshirts. Nowadays, the company offers much more than college apparel, but the common traits in Champion’s garments are comfort, minimalist designs, and softness.

So, when you visit a Champion store, you’ll first notice the timeless Reverse Weave Joggers and Hoodies. After that, the athleisure garments continue with the unisex Powerblend Fleece Hoodie and go to the full-zip fleece hoodies.

When combined with running shoes or other sportswear, Champion’s clothing transforms into performance-oriented beasts. On the other hand, many Champion garments offer a chill and laid-back vibe, allowing you to look trendy while grocery shopping and running errands.

In other words, Champion’s endless portfolio covers everything from T-shirts and hoodies to leggings and undergarments. Likewise, this athleisure brand is among the most accessible, and you’ll find it in almost any mainstream sportswear store.


Last but not least, we’ll visit a versatile fashion brand that defies definitions and has a mission to redefine the modern man’s wardrobe. Todd Snyder, also known as the King of Collaborations, is the man behind this label, famous for partnerships with New Balance, L.L. Bean, and Champion.

Todd Snyder grew his brand from rags to riches, from a humble New York studio to an $11 million acquisition deal by American Eagle in 2015. Nowadays, this men’s fashion brand offers signature pieces and recognizable accessories, illustrating the quintessential style of a contemporary American man.

Todd Snyder enjoys pushing the boundaries and venturing into the unknown. The apparel and the company’s limited collection are perfect examples of this philosophy. Notably, printed shirts and attention-grabbing swimwear received rave reviews, but the same applies to Ghurka Pants and the Sweater Polos.

As already mentioned, Todd Snyder frequently joins forces with the best athleisure brands to squeeze out more creative juice and design top-quality apparel. For example, the famous Mark McNairy X Champion collection offers premium garments. You’ll find the comfiest and the most durable athleisure pieces in this lineup, including sweatpants, tees, hoodies, and shorts.


And there you have them; the top athleisure brands for men in 2022. The names on this list are the cream of the crop, offering premium quality and superb designs at reasonable prices. Thus, they provide an excellent price to value ratio to anyone looking to elevate their casual garb and raise their game to the next level.

If you still can’t decide which brand suits your style, we suggest visiting their shops and browsing through the catalogs. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find at the best athleisure shops.