We want one of these! Tvan has been making campers since 2000; however we have a grand slam home run with the Tvan MK5 Camper Trailer. Tvan campers are well known for their distinct design and industry-leading off-road capabilities. The new MK5 camper has introduced a long list of improvements in the Tvan product line.

Features of the Tvan MK5 Camper Trailer

  • Hard Roof Tent
    • Genuine queen size mattress
    • Fabric lined roof for insulation and comfort
    • Large storage area in the cabin and under the bed
    • Large tinted windows with option to upgrade to sliding glass
    • Easy to use magnetized tent fixings for a quicker and easier set up and pack up
    • Magnetized window curtains
    • Double glazed roof hatches with screens and blinds
    • 4.8 meters of usable cabin and tent living area
    • Easy one person tent set up and pack up
    • 108L water tank and optional additional 70L
    • Two kitchen options
    • Completely customizable to your specification
    • LED light in tent
    • LED reading lights – individually switched with a master override
    • Internal tool box and security lock box
    • Storage locker lighting
  • Higher interior head room.
  • Skyward Liftup Deck. Lift up the deck with the hatch to provide unparalleled access to the rear of the Tvan. Simply press the button to release the electric locks and lift the hatch and deck to provide full access to the rear of the van, without having to lower the deck to the ground or stand on it while loading.
  • Quick Cover Awning can be deployed in two minutes.
  • Less Thank 5 Minutes to Set Up.
  • Two Kitchen Configuration Options: Classic or Premium

  • Robust Interior Command Console provides an opportunity to fully integrate all the electrical options into one neat package.

The features of the MK5 continue. You will want to check one out to see the real beauty of it. Because the camper can be customized, pricing will be determined by the number of bells and whistles you want to add. All in all, it will be hard to go back to that little backpack tent and hard ground.

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