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The Otterbox Venture is One Tough Cooler

OtterBox Venture Cooler

The Otterbox Venture has been making the rounds on the Internet this week, and maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of it. Otterbox makes a lot of rugged, durable phones cases already for keeping your phone safe. And now they’re bringing that same quality to a new line of solid coolers made for the outdoors.

First, the Venture is good at its primary job – keeping things cool. Otterbox says that the Venture is capable of keep ice cold for up to 14 days. It’s also pretty big, so you can fit almost anything you could possibly need in there.

Second, the Venture has been drop-tested for durability on every edge and corner, and has been shown to hold up when both empty and full. This thing is a tank, and will hold up to anything you could put it through. It is also certified bear-resistant, so you can leave it out overnight as you catch some shut-eye – and it will still be there come morning.

But durability and keeping drinks cool aren’t the only things the Venture can do. Otterbox has put an entire host of features into the Otterbox, with a customizable mounting system that allows people to attach a wide array of accessories. Users can mount a cutting board, a dry storage tray and even separators to help organize storage.

The Venture will come in three sizes: the Venture 25 (25 qts, US$249.99),  Venture 45 with (45-quart, $349.99), and the Venture 65 (65-quart, $399.99). It is available for pre-order May 16th.


  • Sturdy, user-friendly latches allow for one-handed use.
  • Anti-slide rubber feet.
  • Durable integrated handles also work as tie-down anchors.
  • Bottom is slanted for better draining.
  • Organization slots for adding separators.
  • Customizable, with options for a bottle opener, cup holders, dry storage tray, cutting board, side table and drybox clip.

The Venture will come in three sizes: the Venture 25 (25 qts, US$249.99),  Venture 45 with (45-quart, $349.99), and the Venture 65 (65-quart, $399.99).

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