We’ve all dreamed of purchasing our own private island before. Usually, it’s something a little bit warmer, perhaps in the tropics with white sands and clear blue water. But if you’re a fan of rocky outcrops and New England weather, you can now go ahead and purchase your own island off the coast of Portland, Maine – to the tune of $8 million. Hope Island, located in Casco Bay, boasts of 86 acres of land and 11,500 feet of rocky shoreline jutting out of the Atlantic Ocean. Plenty of land all to yourself. At the center of the property is an 11,650 square foot mansion, with 3 bedrooms and 6 baths. There are two guest houses, so you’ll have plenty of room for hosting, as well as chapel, barn, boathouse with deepwater pier, and even apartments for your staff. There’s even a tavern; this island is almost a whole town all unto itself.

You’d probably have to purchase a boat too  (unless one comes included) in order to get out there, but if you can afford the island, a boat is no added expense. So if this is your idea of a country estate, it might be time to start looking at mortgages.

Buy - $7.00
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