Komoot is one of the most capable, most intuitive and easy-to-use navigation apps. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, or bikepacking, this handy little NavApp makes route planning for all your adventures easy and detailed.

Komoot: Advanced Route Navigation 

Komoot-Navapp-phoneKomoot lets you download region maps, so you can run entirely offline, using the inbuilt GPS in your phone. Typical stuff for a hiking/backpacking app, which needs to function without a hitch even miles from the nearest cell reception…

What makes komoot different, however, is the advanced route planning capabilities. While basic NavApps are limited to what’s already in the map, Komoot generates topographic maps and routes tailored to your pursuit – whether that’s cycling on pavement or hiking on rocky mountainside.

Each region is dotted with checkpoints, landmarks and points of interest that other komoot users have marked or left behind (whether just to share cool stuff or as tips and advance warnings for the route ahead…)

Komoot lets you customize the route exactly as you’d like, even for lengths of measurement all the way down to the inch. Too many other NavApps and devices only let you zoom in and customize so far…but komoot lets you do do it in rich detail. You’ll get topography and elevation details, as well as distance covered (and left) and difficulty ratings, tuned exactly to the route you’ve selected.

Real-Time Offline Navigation

The next best thing about komoot is the real-time, turn-by-turn navigation it provides – both on screen and by voice. Unlike apps such as Google Maps, which can only guide you along fixed routes and maps, Komoot provides navigation for you anywhere along your custom route (and the entire offline map region).

All hikes and treks are tracked via GPS and saved as archived routes for later use – or for sharing.

Social Sharing + Photos (Because Why Not?)

Komoot-Navapp-android-screenshotIt wouldn’t be a true app without at least some kind of sharing…That’s why komoot lets you easily upload photos, tips after action reports of your outdoor adventures to the komoot community – letting other people benefit from your experiences and join in on the fun.

Seamless Integration + Compatibility

Komoot works with all major smart devices, including iO and Android Wear, as well as all the major sport-specific navigation devices, like Garmin, COBI and Wahoo.

Want to try it for yourself? Head on over to the App Store or Google Play; the first region is free.