Summer gets hot. Dressing for the weather – shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, whatever your style – is fine at home, hanging out or when heading to the beach. But for work? You probably still gotta dress nicely, and dressing nicely usually means being a little hot in the summer heat and humidity. There is one way to stay cool no matter what you’re wearing, however…and that’s by suiting up with the Reon Pocket, Sony’s new personal, wearable air conditioner.

Reon Cooler 2

Our Japanese is a bit rusty, but the story goes that the Reon Pocket was invented to keep suitwearing folks in Tokyo just a little bit cooler as they went about their workday. It works in conjunction with a special undershirt, which boasts a pocket in the back for placing this mini air conditioner. Pop it in there, connect to the app on your phone, and choose how cool you’d like it to be; the thermoelectric cooling unit will start cooling you down, lowering your body temperature by as much as 23F. And – it’s more than an AC unit, capable of heating you up by 13F in cooler weather. Sony Reon Pocket 3

We’re not exactly sure on the science behind thermoelectric cooling, but we do think the Reon Pocket is a pretty handy little device. Sony launched a crowdfunding campaign and it reached its in goal in about a week; their plan is to release this nifty little device in time for the 2020 Olympics.