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Beeline Makes Bike Navigation Smart, Safe, and Affordable

Beeline Bike GPS

It’s important to be able to navigate exactly where you’re going on your bike. That’s self-explanatory. But good GPSes can be expensive – at least a couple hundred dollars. If spending that much isn’t doable for you, then check out the Beeline; this super simple and straightforward smart compass navigation tool fits easily on your bike handle, at a fraction of the cost of most GPSes (such as Garmin). And it allows you to keep your eyes on the road – not the screen.

At first glance, Beeline looks like a simple watch face: a round, sleek device with a sharp and bright display. It attaches to your bike in watch fashion; the strap simply goes around the handlebars and clips on. No additional gear needed.

How does it work? Super easy. Just set your destination and any waypoints using the map in the Beeline app; the compass will then point you in the right direction in real-time, and give you the distance to the next turn and destination, etc. Simple and easy.

This means Beeline doesn’t give you exact routes – like a GPS does when driving a car. You’re biking; you get to decide how to get where you’re going, whether it means over landing or sticking to the curb.

All the trusty bike functions you’re looking for are there as well; speedometer, clock modes, ride tracking and sharing – the classic functions that keep you on the road.

With a shockproof and waterproof silicone, body and a battery life designed to last up to 30 hours of continuous use…the Beeline is a nifty little device that will help you get where you’re going just a little bit easier. It’s probably better for cross-country or bike packing than it is city riding…but given the affordable price tag, it’s a solid device.

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