If you’re into mountain biking but have never heard of Sklar, we don’t blame you. Each and every Sklar bike is built to order and hand-crafted by Adam Sklar, a native of Bozeman, Montana (which seems to be a rising epicenter of high-quality, crafted goods these days). They are designed with a bit minimalist, retro style: these may be mountain bikes, but they’re simple, refined and without any unnecessary add-ons.

Extreme curves are his signature look, whether it’s upwardly curved top tubes or those inwardly curved hardtails. His bread and butter are hardtail mountain bikes, but he also makes a line of versatile, steel, cyclocross and all-road bikes that are sturdy, sleek and built to last. They are made to your custom measurements, for a perfect fit and every time, and you have the choice of a pre-made bike ready to hit the trails, or just a straight-up bike frame to build to yourself, whether you’re looking for 27″ or 29″ wheels or 3″ burly tires. You can also choose between liquid paint and powder coat finishes, with anodized components that match.

If you’re looking a high-quality, custom bike with a unique look, built by someone who lives and breathes mountain bikes, Sklar bikes are worth checking out. They are very reasonably priced for custom-built frames, and you know you’re getting a one of a kind bike that will stand out as you shred trails.



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