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Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight: When You Need 5100 Lumens to Light 2788 Feet

Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight

This ain’t your Grandpappy’s flashlight. New technologies and LEDs have enabled small, handheld flashlights which can illuminate areas that were once thought unimaginable. Fenix Light has reached those levels with the new 2018 model of the TK75 LED Flashlight.

Flashlight enthusiasts know there is more to selecting a flashlight other than lumen output. Sure, you want a bright light; however, you want a light that will illuminate for a time period to meet your needs. What good is a bright light if it lasts only one to two hours? Fenix is the master of balance lumen output and long run times. Here’s what a state-of-the-art flashlight looks like in the year 2018.

Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight

  • High-Lumen Output: 7 Output Modes Ranging from 5100 Lumens to 50 Lumens
  • Balance Between Beam Spot and Flood: Illuminates up to 2788 feet as well as a 61-degree flood pattern
  • Long Run Times Between Charges: Can run up to 50 hours
  • Battery Versatility: Can operate on rechargeable 18650 batteries or non-rechargeable CR123A batteries
  • Rechargeable: The Fenix TK75 is Micro-USB rechargeable.
  • Emergency Light: Includes SOS and Strobe features
  • Reliable and Durable: Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and carries a 5 1/2-year factory warranty.
  • Versatility: Connection port for tripod mount as well as shoulder strap carry option
  • Weather Resistant: IP68 rated protection – submersible up to 6.5 feet/2 meters for 30 minutes

To be further impressed, read the full description of the Fenix TK75. Don’t expect to find this light at the checkout counter of your big-box store.

Fenix TK75 Specifications

  • Length: 7.4 in./188mm
  • Body diameter: 2.1 in./53mm
  • Head diameter: 3.4 in./86mm
  • Weight: 22.2 oz./630 grams (excluding batteries)

When you are ready for a light that will serve you for years, turn to Fenix products. The TK75 is just an example of the capability of today’s lighting products. The TK75 is perfect for photographers, those in search and rescue, security personnel, farmers, law enforcement, military, those wanting to protect the home place…just about anyone. Just don’t point it into a person’s eyes–unless you want to momentarily incapacitate an intruder.

This is the “Darkness Terminator”!

Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight: When You Need 5100 Lumens to Light 2788 Feet Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight: When You Need 5100 Lumens to Light 2788 Feet

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