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The Hartmann 7R Is The Ultralight Suitcase Frequent Flyers Need

Hartmann 7R Suitcase

Carbon fiber may be the most popular of the ultralight materials out there right now, but it’s not the only one; there’s a whole host of other materials out there that provide just as much strength at the same thickness. This supremely light but tough suitcase from Hartmann is one of them.

The Hartmann 7r is named after the “special gene” that only 20% of the world’s population has, that supposedly makes those who possess it take risks and do adventurous things. Whether they decided on that name because the material is cutting-edge, or because it’s just a good name for a suitcase, we don’t actually know. What we do know is that the 7r is made from Hartmann’s Curv material, essentially thin layers of polypropylene, woven into self-reinforced sheets providing hardness and and strength without adding too much. In fact, the entire suitcase weighs only 6.8 pound, which compares rather favorably to similarly-priced suitcases made from carbon fiber and other similar composite materials; it’s lighter than many of them.

On the bottom are shock-absorbing steel wheels, mounted on wires, that help you load up a heavy suitcase. They’re omni-directional and make for effortless pushing and pulling, whether using the leather side handles or the carbon fiber pull handle (Hartmann didn’t eschew carbon entirely but found the right use for it). Finishing off the ensemble is a watertight, water-resistant zipper that keeps water out and your clothing dry, as well as a TSA-approved combilock that to keep those belongings safe.

Available in a variety of excellent finishes (we’re partial to Titanium) and for a reasonable price (considering the unseemly amounts many travelers tend to drop on luggage…), the 7R is a contender for your next suitcase. Flying really doesn’t have to be a hassle, after all.

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