For some people, waking up in the morning can be a real chore. Even if you went to bed a decent hour the night before, it can be tough to part ways with your warm blankets and comfortable, soft bed…especially when it’s early and the Sun still hasn’t risen high in the sky.  This is especially a problem in winter…and might leave you reaching for the HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock.

HeimVision’s Smart Sunrise Simulator

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This friendly-looking device combines the convenience of a smart alarm clock with the energy-boosting power of a sun lamp. See, sunlight is essential to our health and to our sleep schedules, as it plays a vital role in establishing our circadian rhythm. If you have a trouble waking up early in the morning – especially on a dark winter morning – spending some time in front of a sun lamp can help convince your body that it really is time to wake up, and provide you with a quick boost of natural energy that gets your morning going.

The HeimVision simulates the sunrise with a warm, yellow light reminiscent of the Sun’s natural glow. And at night, it can even simulate sunset – using that beautiful red/pink hue that the sunset is known for. In fact, you can finetune the brightness to one of 20 levels and a total of 7 colors. Heimvision Smart Alarm Clock 2

HeimVision’s lamp is a fully-featured smart alarm clock, too – connecting with your smartphone for in-app control. It’s even voice-equipped and will work with smarthome systems like Alexa or Google Home. Finally – it has FM Radio, like any good alarm clock should.

If you have early mornings heading into the shorter days, you might appreciate the HeimVision’s compact convenience. You might just be able to stop hitting the snooze button.