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Amazon’s New Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera Has Alexa Voice Control

Blink XT2 Smart Camera

The phrase “security camera” might conjure up an image of big, bulky metal boxes being installed and wired around your home, but these days, security cameras are as small, sleek and “smart” as any other device in your home. Amazon’s Blink XT2 is clamoring to be at the front of the pack.

Blink XT2 Smart Camera

Blink was a separate company until 2017, when Amazon acquired it. The original Blink was a convenient smart camera, even if it didn’t have any crazy features worth shelling out on. The XT improved upon a bunch of those features and includes night vision and better-quality video. The XT2 turns all that into a full-fledged Amazon smart device, this time integrating compatibility with Alexa so you can control the camera with your voice…from virtually anywhere in the home.

That’s cool. So is the fact you can view your XT2 camera feed from your smartphone, and even converse with whomever is at the front door. (Delivery guy needs me to sign? Cool, I’ll be right over. Door-to-door salesman? Not home.) A passive infrared motion sensor turns it on when someone walks up to the door while the infrared light emitter guaranteed quality night vision.

On top of all that, the XT2 is entirely water-resistant and designed for the elements, engineered to withstand freezing temperatures and heat waves alike, as well as snow, rain and high winds. Oh, and it’s powered by AA batteries.

Blink XT2 Smart Camera 3

Doesn’t get more convenient than that. The Blink XT2 goes for a very respectable asking price on Amazon and pairs with your Alexa smarthome, making it one of the more convenient smart security camera options on the market.

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