We all talk about how important it is to have a will of steel in your mental tool kit, but we’re to tell you that a Steel Will EDC knife is also a pretty good addition to your physical tool kit.

Steel Will makes some of the finest, toughest EDC knives we’ve handled. They’re made from the toughest materials and built with the finest craftsmanship – but don’t all come with the heavy price tag that often accompany good knives.  That’s a feat in of itself.

Here are a couple Steel Will knives we’re looking at right now.

Steel Will Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor F16-33

Brand new for 2019 and designed (by Vaeringi) as a weapon, the Plague Doctor is imbued with tactical flavor. It’s stubby look when closed belies its size and cutting force when unfolded. The D2 blade is 3.9” long and has a Black Stonewash finish, while the G10 handle is pure tactical practicality. And it’s larger than it looks in the pictures; hold it yourself, and you’ll see why this forceful knife is ready for everyday EDC jobs and survival situations. It’ll be out April 15th.


Arcturus F55M-02

Named after one of the brightest starts in the Northern Hemisphere, this unique knife is an all-around EDC knife good for everyday and outdoor chores. The liner lock handle has very unusual ergonomics, which give it some style without compromising function, and grip is provided by the G10 scales. The blade is usually shaped, too, but the unique design merely gives it some more cutting power.

The Arcturus comes in a few different styles, so you can choose the “Pocket Star” you like best, as Steel Will calls it.


Steel Will CutJack C22-2GR

Rounding out our favorite Steel Will knives is the Cutjack C22 – a flipper without bearings. With a 3” blade, it’s a compact tool that’s ideal for EDC. This time, the blade is made of M390 steel and is a drop point, with a smooth thumb ramp and jimping for a secure grip, and a high flat grind.

This is the lightest and compact knife of three – weighing in at only 4.73 ounces. It’s also the most expensive if you opt for the C22 model with M390 blade. (Regular D2-bladed models cost about $50). But it’s just as tough and trusty as Steel Will’s other models, and is even made in Italy, which might explain the price increase.

Steel Will Modus F25-12 LinerlockSteel Will Modus

A classic liner lock with a sheepsfoot blade, the Modus is compact – like the Cutjack – but hefty enough for serious use, with a 3.25″ blade and 4.3″ handle – total length 7.6″. The sheepsfoot blade has a satin finish and the handle is black G-10; it’s ambidextrous, has a nice, solid flipper with smooth bearings, and is made in Italy. Like the Cutjack, it’s an expensive choice – and rocks an M390 steel blade from Bohler. But, also like the Cutjack – it’s a solid knife that’s worth the price.