Add this one to the list of Things That Are Pretty Cool, But No One Ever Asked For. Beer Ripples is the beer-specific version of the Coffee Ripples, a machine that could print pictures and text on your coffee. Sort of like latte art, but more hi-tech. Beer Ripples will do the same to your beer.

Beer Ripples is designed specifically for use in bars and is a WiFi-enabled machine with a toushcreen. It connects to your phone, where you can use the Beer Ripples screen to select a message – whether it’s a custom text, a customer’s photo, or something from the library consisting of hundreds of different messages and images.

Once you’ve chosen a message, Beer Ripples uses a special malt-based ink (so it’s, you know, edible. Or drinkable).  to print the image on top of the beer’s foam. We’re not exactly what will happen if you pour a beer without a good foam. It takes 11 seconds to print a single beer, and fits glasses up to 7” – the perfect size for a pint.

So what exactly do you want it for? Looks like a nice way to buy someone a drink and let them know who it’s from. Ripples intends it for bars, and wants you to use it for special occasions, parties at the bar and to add some fun to your customers’ beers. That’s why it costs a hefty $3000 plus an annual subscription of $1500. It’s a cool way to add some novelty to every drink. But is it worth it?

Buy - $3,000.00
Beer -Ripples-Printer-Machine-Pint-Glass