Few beers have names as cool as Cold Smoke. This Scotch Ale is the flagship brew of Kettlehouse Brewing Company, located in Missoula, Montana’s hippest city, and is named after the constant light snowfall that appears around the state, enticing the most hardcore of skiers and snowboarders to try their hand at Montana’s slopes. (And not the barbeque method, though we imagine that would be pretty good paired with some Cold Smoke beer). It uses 2-row barley grown in Montana, as well as northwest Goldings hops. The result is a thick and hearty beer that tastes just a little and not bitter at all – not what you would expect from a beer this heavy and hoppy.

It’s dark mahogany brown, with a bit of froth and notes of fruit, licorice, tobacco, some chocolate, with a coffee finish. People say it’s smoky, like the name implies, but creamy at the same. And at 6.5% ABV, it’s sturdy but not stiff.

Cold Smoke is a fantastic beer for warming up after a day crushing powder or slogging in the backcountry. Or even for enjoying out of a can around the campfire. The flavor is inspired by the mountains and cold of Montana. We can hear the mountains calling. Grab a pack and see for yourself.