We put “brick oven” into caps because there’s not a brick in sight, but the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is the closest thing you’re going to get to one in this price range. This convenient box is made from steel, coated with enamel, and uses a combination of convective, conductive and radiant heat to convert your grill into a mini brick oven. It has a baking chamber that is 14.9” wide x 13.8” deep x 3 tall”, which is enough for small and medium-sized pizzas, and a number of other delicious oven-ready foods.

Operation is simple; just place it on the grill, fire it up, and let it heat up to baking temperatures – somewhere between 600 and 800F. This will take about 15 minutes on most gas grills. When it’s ready, a neat little built-in thermometer will let you know.

Slide your pizza (or whatever) in with the included metal spatula, and let it bake; the BakerStone even includes a wooden pizza board so you can cook in only the classiest of style. You’ll want to rotate it every 30 seconds or so to ensure even cooking, but tithin 2 to 4 minutes, your beautiful, handmade pizza we will be ready for serving. In addition, you can roast meats and vegetables, fish and even use it to bake breads and cookies.

The most innovative grill accessory ever? No, but one of the handiest. The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is 24” long and fits on most regular gas grills perfectly and starts at about $130. Grab one for yourself for your next gourmet meal.

bakerstone-pizza-oven-box bakerstone-pizza-oven-box-2 Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box Brick Oven