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This Ceramic Chef’s Knife Will Revamp Your Kitchen Knife Set

Kyocera Ceramic Chef's Knife

Good kitchen cutlery doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t even need to be made of steel. Ceramic knives provide a whole host of benefits that regular steel blades don’t and can be had for just as good a price.


Ceramic – made from a zirconium dioxide alloy called zirconia – is harder than steel, with an 8.5 on the Mohrs scale compared to steel’s 7.5 – 8. This means the edge stays sharper and lasts longer (10x longer, according to some sources). It also won’t brown foods while slicing them…or transfer the oils and scents from one food to another. It’s also far more corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant than steel, is not magnetic, and doesn’t conduct electricity at room temperature.

This 7” Chef’s Knife from Kyocera uses the brand’s own special Zirconia alloy and packages it into a refined blade with a classic and elegant Japanese shape. It’s ideal for prepping and cutting fruit and veggies – and fish and meat – for virtually any meal. (Avoid bones, as ceramic’s rigidity doesn’t do with such foods).


And, because the ceramic blade is so light (the whole thing weighs only 3 ounces) they don’t need to add weight to handle as a counterbalance. Which means you can make precise, refined slices and strokes with ease and little pressure.

There are fancier knives out there. There are cheaper knives out there. But there aren’t a lot of high-end ceramic knives this good at a price like this.

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