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The iKamper SkyCamp Is Rooftop Fun For The Family

iKamper Skycamp Rooftop Tent

There’s no shortage of rooftop tents for your car, but most of them are limited to just two people, maybe three at the most. The iKamper SkyCamp, however, wants to make car camping accessible for the whole family, and did so with a 4-person hardshell tent that pops up on the top of almost any car, with ample amounts of camping and sleeping space.

Starting at $3599, this winner of the 2018 RedDot Award was the most successful tent project ever on Kickstarter. It also boasts of a 1-minute setup time, which can be a huge lifesaver on the trail and saves quite a bit of headache. It has a lightweight, aerodynamic design that allows it to give that extra room without weighing you down. And it’s fully breathable, with a poly-cotton canvas ensuring you stay cool and dry – no condensation buildup. When the weather gets hot, swap out the thick canvas version for the lightweight Airflow summer tent, made of mosquito-proof mesh and costing only $490.

The Skycamp comes in at an approximate – and impressive – 155 pounds, made from a lightweight aluminum frame. Each hardshell is handmade, so weight can fluctuate just a tiny bit, but it always stays under the 160-pound limit found on vehicles for highway travel, and it’s been tested to hold up to wind speeds of 40 mph when setup.

It comes in several different colors and fits almost any car. If you’re looking for a rooftop tent that fits the whole family – or just a bunch of your friends – the iKamper SkyCamp is your best bet.

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