Chances are you’ve heard of TRX, and its popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. Designed by a Navy SEAL commander, TRX was made to be a highly-portable and durable suspension training system you can take with you absolutely anywhere you find yourself – and the TRX Tactical Gym is the toughest and lightest one they’ve ever made.

In addition to the regular TRX system (which, in the Tactical Gym, comes in a subtle military-inspired khaki) the Tactical Gym version comes with rubber handles as well as a TRX Door Anchor and TRX Xtender. It also includes the FORCE Super App, with their 12-week tactical conditioning program, and a tactical mesh bag for storing it in.

TRX won’t be making you into a Greek God anytime soon, but thanks to it’s ultra-portability and versatility, you can get in an intense, dynamic and challenging bodyweight workout absolutely anywhere you go – your home, the hotel, the park. It packs down small and fits into your bag or suitcase, and you can do literally hundreds of different exercises and routines. With one of these in your kit, there really are no excuses for missing a workout.