Everyone needs a nice leather notebook, whether you know it or not.  Having something conveniently nearby to write on is always a good idea – how many times have you had a stroke of genius, only to forget to write it down, and then struggled to remember it later? Yup, happens all the time.  Having a durable notebook that you can take anywhere and use at your convenience is a lifesaver. Which is why you should get a Bull and Stash notebook, like the Leonard Journal.

The Leonard Journal from Bull and Stash measures 5.75″ x 8.75” and features a full-grain leather cover that comes in Slate, Navy, Saddle Brown and Black. It will come with 50 lined pages of soft paper, and when those are all used up – you can simply refill it to your heart’s content. The paper will be fresh, but the leather will take on a beautiful personality of its own as it wears over time. There’s a magnetic closure to keep it safe when stashing it in your bag, a pen carrier along the inside spine so you always have a writing utensil nearby, and interior pockets. The included pages are perforated in case you want to rip them out.

Oh, and if you don’t like, Bull and Stash lets you return it within 30 days. But we doubt you’ll take them up on that.  The brand also has several other great models you could check out, whether you’re looking for something larger or smaller – the Market Journal, which fits in your back pocket, and the Allison Portfolio, which comes in legal pad size and is large enough to fit your tablet.

So grab yourself a Bull and Stash notebook and start keeping track of your brilliant ideas in lasting style. We think you’ll have it for quite some time.

Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-1 Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-2a Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-3 Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-4 Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-5 Bull-And-Stash-Notebook-6 Bull and Stash Notebook