Mazda just unveiled their latest and greatest concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s something to look forward to. The new Mazda Vision Coupe is a car for those trying to move to the future, but without breaking the bank. With a design reminiscent of those found in action movies, where spies engage in furious car chases – and inevitably get the beautiful girl – it’s even larger than the already-large-for-a-car Mazda 6, but is painfully beautiful with a look that is unmistakably Mazda. The interior is thoroughly impressive, very spacious with what looks like black and wood trim.

Exactly what engine this glorious piece of metal will contain has yet to be announced; in fact, it may not yet be determined. But, judging by the 4 round exhaust tips at the back one can only imagine the rumble that will be produced. Plenty of rumors are swirling regarding this aspect of the vehicle, as Mazda – like just about every other manufacturer at the moment – is moving towards EV’s. And so while whether or not this car will have a gas engine in it is still unknown, we do know that this car is a glimpse towards the future of Mazda vehicles.

Thanks to its extended hood and lowered suspension, the Mazda Vision Coupe looks like it will be an aerodynamic beast, cutting down the roadways with ease. We also have no idea as to what the price may be for this masterpiece, seeing as how it is just a concept car. Mazda told their designers to have fun, and have fun they did. So let’s hope that, as with many of its concept car brethren, the Vision Coupe makes it to production. Either way, it appears Mazda is continuing their current practice of making superb-looking vehicles that are fun to handle and packed with great features, while still at an affordable mid-ticket price.

mazda_vision_coupe_3 mazda_vision_coupe_2 mazda_vision_coupe_tail mazda_vision_coupe_interior