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These are The ESEE Knives (and Axe) We Want This Spring

Best ESEE Knives 2019

The dawn of spring and the promise of an upcoming summer mean we’re dusting off some of the gear getting back out there. They also mean it’s time to upgrade some old pieces of gear to improve the kit for the upcoming season. This spring, we’re looking in the knife department – and that means looking at some of ESEE’s best knives.

A trusted name in survival, ESEE steers clear of the overhyped features and inflated prices that a lot of mainstream gear tends towards. Sure –their knives can be quite expensive, but it’s also some of the toughest, simplest and most-reliable survival gear in existence.

Founded and run by some of the world’s best experts in outdoor survival and Search and Rescue, ESEE guarantees the trustiest, highest-quality and most-effective knives and gear on the market. They’re knives are built with one mission: to get you out sticky situations alive.

Furthermore, they’re all made right here in the USA and come with ESEE’s incredible lifetime warranty: if it breaks, bends, chips, or falls apart, they’ll repair or replace it. That’s as good as it gets.

Here are the 4 ESEE knives we’re looking at right now.

ESEE 4P Knife

ESEE 4P Tactical Survival Knife

The ESEE 4P is one of their flagship knives – one of their most popular and designed to be the perfect all-around knife for survival, tactical and bushcraft scenarios. It rocks a high-carbon 1095 steel drop point blade, with a 3/16” thickness for a balance between durability and cutting power, and a powder-coat finish. It also rocks removeable Micarta handles. A molded Kydex sheath in your choice of black, coyote or OD finishes the ensemble. For true versatility, ease-of-carry and reliability, add the 4P to your kit.

Esee 4P Knife


“Izula” is the name of the dirtiest ant in the Peruvian jungle – also known as the Bullet Ant. This tiny knife packs just as powerful a punch. A lightweight knife intended for both concealed carry and survival situations, the Izula II improves upon its predecessor – ESEE’s best seller – by extending the handle .5” and adding full-size Micarta scales. The 2.63” blade is 1095 high carbon steel, just like the Esee 4P, and comes either Powder Coated or in Black Oxide. You can grab it with a molded sheath and clip plate, and it’s a forceful knife perfect for EDC.

ESEE Gibson Axe

Gibson Axe

So this one isn’t a knife per se, but it’s just as essential. A trusty axe is often a vital tool for all sorts of camp chores – and could even save your life in a survival situation. The Gibson was built to provide that utility while remaining compact and light enough for comfortable carry in your pack or on your belt. It has a distinct Viking-style bearded blade (1095 steel) that allows for precision work, but the 20 oz weight provides enough force for chopping, too. A Sculptured Micarta handle with finger grooves and classic leather sheath finish the deal.

ESEE Junglass

ESEE Junglass

The Junglass might just be ESEE’s most badass knife. It’s a cross between a machete and true survival knife, based on the knife the Colombian police employed in jungle warfare. 16.5” long, it weighs 23 ounces (2.5 more than the Gibson Axe) to allow for hefty chopping (like a machete). The blade is the same powder-coated 1095 steel, 188″ thick for rigidity but 2” wide for chopping and cutting power. For heavy-duty bushwhacking and true jungle survival, there’s no other option.



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