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Redwing Heritage Has Been Making Tried and True Work Boots Since 1905

redwing heritage boots

When it comes to work boots, few makers have the same claim to fame as Redwing. They’ve been making tough-as-nails work boots in Red Wing, Minnestoa since 1905, turning out footwear tough enough for the demanding work of loggers, farmers and miners. Over 110 years later, and they’re still crafting the Redwing Heritage originals, largely unchanged from their original design, and luckily for us, they look just as good out on the town or shoveling snow as they do on a lumberjack’s feet.

With an oil-tanned leather upper and double-layer over the toe for added protection, the Redwing Heritage Iron Ranger looks as vintage as your grandpa’s record collection, yet as classy as a pair of Allen-Edmonds. It’s complemented by a leather insole for natural comfort, and a steel shank that adds both stability and support. For the soles, you’ve got your pick of either a classic leather sole, for casual and dress occasions, and a Vibram 430 Mini-Lug sole for harder terrain. If you’re planning on using these for work, that’s the one you’re going to want to go for. They are both fasted on with triple-stitched Goodyear Welt for replacing them when they go, year after year.

If tried and true American work boots are what you’re after, look no further. The Iron Ranger’s go with literally anything, and are built to last.

Redwing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots

  • 6″ Shaft
  • Oil-tanned, water-resistant leather upper
  • Leather insole provides natural shape for your feet
  • Steel shank in the midsole for stability
  • Leather soles for style or Vibram 430 soles for grip and wear
  • The ultimate in leather work boots
  • 100% Made in America  for over 110 years




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