The Kickstarter goal was met in less than a week because this thing is so cool! The Uno Bolt is the world’s first e-unicycle AND e-bike that incorporates gyro force. So if you ever wanted to learn to ride a unicycle, you can start with the Uno Bolt and stay upright much longer. It’s the quickest responding gyroscope to be put into a one wheel machine. The quick response is due to the with built-in stabilizer sensors. Pure genius!

Features of the Uno Bolt

  • Available in red or golden
  • Large LED display gives you the battery percentage, speed, distance traveled, surrounding temperature, and voltage usage
  • Brake lever is used if you need to stop and can be used to reverse
  • Quick charge battery: from 0% drain to 100% gain in a matter of 45 minutes.
  • Full charge lasts 25 miles
  • The intense LED headlight consists of six high power LED lights that produce 1000 lumens (12W). Rear has two LED lights with two modes–constant or flash.
  • Comfort seat for short and long trips. The cell foam contours to the bum for the constant flow of circulation. Neoprene material provides the saddle with UV resistant for those sunny days and water repellent for the rainy days.
  • Horn activation on right handle
  • All-terrain, tubeless tire which is big enough to handle the ride from potholes to rough roads ahead
  • Rear view mirror which can be attached to the left or right handle
  • Two back-mounted, aluminum alloy parking stands
  • Fully collapsible foot rest

The stretch goals are pretty cool too: Cup holder, alarm system, turn signals, weatherproof storage units, and additional colors. Shipment is expected to begin in December (or sooner).

So if you aren’t into working as hard on an electric skateboard, the Uno Bolt is for you.


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