Atari recently announced it’s new console, the Ataribox, at E3, as they attempt to take advantage of the current retro gaming phase. and they’ve just released a few more pictures and details. It appears the new Ataribox is designed after the classic wood paneling of the Atari 2600, evoking a cool retro look that is still modern. In fact, even if the gaming console itself doesn’t seem to be too great, Atari has already nailed the external appearance.

There is an SD card support, a HDMI port, and four USB ports on the Ataribox. Two versions of the Ataribox will be released, one in wood, and one in black / red – both of which are pretty slick.

The inside will house all new, up to date gaming internals (Atari calls  them “modern internal specs”) and Atari will be releasing  a bunch of classic games to work with backwards compatibility, but will also be publishing some new “current content”, as well. Count on some games made just for the Ataribox, as well as some other games ported over.

Still, with all that, Atari hasn’t released any details regarding price, release date, or specific games. How powerful (and necessary) this console is remains to be seen…but who knows? Maybe Xbox and Playstation have a new rival in town.

Ataribox Full Ataribox Red