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The Telepen Is The Smallest EDC Pen and Fits On Your Keychain

Telepen True Utility EDC Pen Hero

Keeping a writing utensil on you for quick access at all times can come in handy, but if we’re being honest, some of us really don’t want to walk around with a full-size pen in our pocket all the time, or even one clipped to the outside of that pocket. We’d rather have something small and subtle, that’s there when we need it, but gets out of the way when we don’t. We want the True Utility Telepen.

At only 50mm in length at its shortest and 115mm long when fully extended, the Telepen truly is small. It’s small enough, in fact, you can clip it onto your keychain and it will still slide right into your pocket. Machined from 420 stainless steel, it’s lightweight yet sturdy, built for the “rigors” of everyday use on your keychain, in addition to being sleek, stylish and attractive in a space-age kind of way. When it’s time to write, extend it’s telescoping boy and it becomes a capable writing instrument, complete with an ergonomic ball point pen; 3 refill cartridges are included.

For about the price of three cups of coffee, it really is a handy and convenient tool to always have hanging from your keychain. It weighs 14g, which translates to roughly half an ounce. In other words, it weighs practically nothing but makes a great addition to your EDC kit. You won’t be defending yourself from attackers with it or using it to smash windows…but you might say it provides “true” utility. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

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