While we generally prefer getting our exercise outside, there is sometimes something to be said for a having a nice treadmill around. Say, when it’s the dead of winter, ice blankets the ground and you have no desire to step outside for a run. Yeah, no way. A treadmill looks pretty cozy right about then – and none look quite as cozy as Treadly, which is an ultra-minimalist, thin treadmill that fits virtually anywhere.

Space can be limited, and it’s kind of a pain to keep a huge, bulky treadmill around. They take up a lot of room that can be put to better use, especially if you live in a apartment or share a house. Treadly, however, is only 3.5” thick – far thinner than any other treadmill – and weighs only 64 pounds, so it takes up very little space. Instead of the huge railing and control panel typically found on treadmills, it has a thin, light foldable handrail that simply lays down flat when you don’t need it. When it’s time to put Treadly away, simply fold down the handrail and slide the whole thing under your bed, into the closet, or wherever you happen to have some extra storage space. Out of sight, out of mind.

It’s so convenient, you could even pair it with your standing desk to create a running workstation, allowing you to exercise while you work. At 6 decibels, it’s quite enough not to distract you, either.

It has an aluminum alloy frame, patented welding, shock absorption, and a weight limit of 220 pounds. Max speed is 5 pounds; you can fold down the handrail at speeds under 3.8 mph.

Whether you’re in a cramped apartment without a lot of space, or just don’t want to deal with an unsightly treadmill, Treadly will get you moving, no matter how nasty the weather is outside. Did we mention it actually looks pretty cool, too?

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