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Good Cigar Co. Makes Buying Excellent Cigars Easy

Good Cigar Co. Front Pack

Ahh, cigars. There’s not much better than unwinding over a glass of scotch, the smooth smell from that good smokey cigar in your hand wafting about the deck. If you like a fine cigar, but don’t really have a preference (or interest) when it comes to choosing between types, then let the aficionados over at the aptly named Good Cigar Co. do the picking for you.

Good Cigar Co. is yet another in the long line of subscription boxes that have been popping up in the last few years, and they make selecting and smoking cigars decision and hassle-free. Rather than having to sort through dozens or hundreds of choices, simply select your preference for Casual, Classic or Aficionado, and your personal tobacconist from Good Cigar Co. will do the choosing for you.

Each package will have two hand-selected cigars, a double guillotine cutter, matches, a detailed tasting guide and booklet on How To Smoke a Cigar. All of this will also come inside a humidor-style pack sealed at an ideal 72% humidity.

You can purchase a pack from Good Cigar Co. as a one-time purchase, or as both a 3 and 6 month subscription – each for $25. It’s the perfect, convenient way to get some of the finest cigars delivered right to your door without any of the hassle.


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